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&FITNESS Coaches

Our coaches come from all backgrounds and have different experiences with fitness & running themselves, from elite to back-of-the-packers. Most of us came into running later in life, so we understand the challenges of starting or re-starting a fitness or training program. We truly love fitness and the community it brings, and want to share it with you and celebrate your success along the way.


Leah W


Leah is the owner and founder of &Fitness, and also serves as a coach of many classes at &Fitness. Leah started running in college as a way to stay in shape, and fell in love with the sport. She joined various running and training groups while learning to be a mentor, pacer, and coach in various local programs. She enjoys racing any (reasonable) distance, but her favorite is the 10-miler.


Leah fell in love with the group atmosphere of spin classes while in graduate school, often wishing for a similar type of class on a treadmill. Writing these workouts on post-it-notes for herself and her friends to do on treadmills over the years, she set out to open &Fitnessto create a space for runners to get all of their needs met. You'll catch Leah coaching all group classes at &Fitness, leading group race preps, and individualized coaching to our members. Leah is an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor, and is a certified RRCA Coach.

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Callie B

Coach & Lead Dietitian

 Callie grew up club swimming but transitioned into running in college. Throughout college and grad school Callie got more into racing as a way to challenge and motivate herself. After grad school Callie joined the Howard County Striders Racing Team and ran her first marathon in 2019 qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Callie has been challenging herself lately with marathon training but her favorite distance is a half marathon. 


Callie also works as a full time clinical dietitian at a hospital in the Baltimore area. Callie became a dietitian as she believes nutrition plays a vital role in overall health and performance. Callie is excited to help her clients optimize their nutrition in order to meet their running goals as well as improve their overall wellness.  Callie has her masters in dietetics as well as being a registered dietitian and a certified group fitness instructor. Callie can't wait to help you meet your goals and push your limits! Join her in group classes, nutrition lectures, and individualized nutrition coaching. 

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Hannah B


After ending a lifelong swimming career, Hannah started running in college as a way to stay in shape and quickly realized that distance swimming translated pretty naturally to distance running. She jumped into a couple of races of varying distances before completing her first marathon in 2015. Hannah joined the Howard County Striders racing team in 2018 and since then has enjoyed training and racing with her teammates who motivate her to challenge herself. In February of 2020, Hannah had the incredible opportunity to compete in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta.


Hannah has a passion for working with others and helping them reach their full potentials in running and beyond. She is  a certified group fitness instructor and RRCA certified coach. Hannah has been a coach and coordinator for half-marathon/marathon training programs through the Howard County Striders. She also taught spin classes at the University of Maryland, which opened her eyes to the amazing world of group fitness. Hannah is very excited to help inspire you to reach your goals, whatever that looks like for you. Catch her coaching all group classes and individual and group training programs at &Fitness!

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Alison S


Alison took up running at the age of 30, and has since developed a love for distance races, her favorite being the marathon. She has coached with local run stores, charitable organizations uses her skill set and knowledge to coach runners struggling through repeat injury, and mental roadblocks. She works full time as a physical therapist assistant in spinal cord injury, believes the joy of running is found in the journey!

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Natalie has many years of running experience, she has completed distances from 5k up to the full marathon. Her favorite distance is the 10k, and she loves the inspiration of the running community that drives us all to do our best. She believes "there is no such thing as a runner's body, if you run you are a runner!"

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Samantha M


Samantha has been running for over a decade since falling in love with the sport in high school, competing in college, and pushing herself to new heights despite the challenges parenthood has brought. While she's enjoyed trying out the marathon and even a 50k, she loves the speed of the mile and the 5k and sharing that love with her two kids in particular. 

After having many amazing coaches in her running career, Samantha became passionate about sharing the joys of running and has coached as a volunteer for the Striders, on several local high school XC and TF teams, and done one on one coaching for distances from the 5k to the marathon. She's a USATF certified coach and a certified group fitness instructor. Her biggest hope as a coach is to help empower every athlete she works with.

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Abby M


Abby fell in love with group fitness and coaching when she started as an Assistant Coach of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Pom & Dance Team. Abby is a student at the University of Maryland, studying Neurobiology and Law.  Her running journey started as a way to cross-train during her dance training. She now loves to run around campus with any friend that will join her. Her favorite runs are races for different charities.  When she isn’t studying or coaching at &Fitness, you can find Abby as a Captain of the Maryland Dance Team.Abby loves bringing the energy and helping everyone achieve their own personal fitness goals.  Join Abby for any of her amazing classes at &Fitness!

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