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Welcome to &FITNESS

We have been called "the most inspiring, results-focused workout you can get."

Whether you are new to group workouts or already have an established fitness routine, our goal is to make you feel welcome, inspired, and empowered.


We were all new once! We are here to walk you through every step of the way, see below for what to expect on your first visit.


Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we can show you around, give you an overview of our treadmill and the class, and answer any questions you have. 

You'll be all set and ready to sweat. Our classes feel a lot like a party. It’s loud, sweaty and lots of fun. But hey, if you’re not a fan of loud music, we get it - we have earplugs for you at the front desk, just ask.

Take to the Tread

The coach will lead the class through a warm up on the treadmill where we work on intervals. The coach will guide you through our level 1-4 effort-based system. We will never tell you how fast to go, you always pick your own speed. For example, your level 2 should be conversational/easy, and your level 4 is a push/uncomfortable. Everyone can do the same intervals while moving at their own pace, which is the beauty of &Fitness.

Our levels can be done power walking or running, but most people do a combination of the two throughout class. You'll never be left behind!

Depending on the class format, you'll be on the treadmill for 35-55 minutes for various intervals. 

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Hit the Mat

If your class includes a strength portion, you'll join the coach on the mat to use bodyweight and dumbbells for various strength exercises. Your coach will provide modifications for every exercise, and then the group moves together through each one so you won't get lost in the shuffle. 

Ride the Post-Sweat High

Enjoy those post-sweat endorphins, you earned them! The studio is equipped with a private shower including towels, toiletries and hair dryers.

Stop to chat with our staff and other members, and grab a snack or drink to refuel and replenish.

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Still have questions?

We get it, check out our FAQ!

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