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MAY 2-5, 2024


Take a Closer Look

Let's retreat away from it all...

Many of us see running as our escape from daily life, and now we invite you to take a true retreat with us to celebrate this community, the sport of running at any pace or distance, and the celebration of our growth so far and our new goals ahead.

Join us in Rehoboth Beach for a weekend getaway unlike any other. Focused on connection, running, recovery, and the shared experience, we will dig deep into our joy of running. It's time to take a deep breath and settle into the next mile ahead of us.

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The Details

Thursday, May 2nd - Sunday, May 5th

Canalside Inn

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Private and Semi-Private rooms available

Fully catered with healthy, local meals

Daily group runs*

Private yoga*

The ultimate swag bag

*As always, group activities are optional and we encourage you to join what you like, skip what you don’t like, and retreat in the way that YOU enjoy most!

New for 2024, the &Running Retreat will be hosted at the Canalside Inn

We have reserved this entire property for the weekend, to give us the a luxury private experience with the option for privacy and quiet in your room, and communal kitchen, dining room, and living space for retreat activities.

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Eat & Be Merry

All meals from Thursday dinner - Sunday breakfast are included, and are hand selected by our in-house Registered Dietitian from Rehoboth caterers who use fresh, local ingredients*. Have dietary restrictions? Let us know and we can discuss.

* Please note, we love food - and will encourage you to eat delicious meals that will fuel your activity and make you happy. No diet talk or cutting out entire food groups, it's just not the vibe.


We thought so! See below on how to secure your spot.

How to Register

1.  Select your room preference from the options below.

2. Fill out the required information and initial the terms.

3. Submit your payment on the following page.

Private Room 

Private rooms have one King or Queen bed and a private bathroom.


(If you plan to share a room with a King bed, please use the "shared room" selection below, not the Private Room selection.)

Shared Room

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If you know who you would like to room with, please share their name on the next page. Shared rooms may be two Queen Beds, a King bed + Day Bed, or you may share a room with someone with a one King Bed. All rooms have private bathrooms. If you and your roommate feel a strong preference for any of these options, please include it in your submission on the next page.


When is the next &Running Retreat?

May 2-5th, 2024 in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

What is the total cost?

Great question. The final pricing for 2024 for this all-inclusive retreat is $1,000 for a private room, and $810 per person for a shared room. Please note, we do not make any money on this retreat and our staff are not paid for their time to attend (in fact, they have to contribute to the cost...that's how much we love it!). So we base our pricing on the room charges and food costs. We require a deposit to hold your space before March or full payment after, because we have to pay for the hotel and food ahead of time, and it's our own personal money on the line.

Why is the deposit or final payment non-refundable?

Mostly because of what we said above - we put our own money in as deposites and payments before we collect yours, and we have spaces to fill and bills to pay. And since we are committed to keeping this retreat affordable and we do not make a profit on it, we will not get our money back if you cancel so we can't refund you. If you decide you cannot attend retreat, please tell us ASAP so we can fill your spot.

I'm new to the group and feeling anxious about not knowing anyone.

Totally understandable. We already have people who signed up this year who have never been before. And we've had brand new people who didn't know anyone before arriving come both years past. And I promise you, our group is welcoming and you will immediately be a part of the fam. If you're still unsure, reach out by email and we will connect you to one of the people who were in your spot last time and they can tell you what the experience was like.

Do I have to be a great runner to attend? Do I have to run every day/run a certain pace/go a certain distance?

We cannot stress this enough - you can run, or not run, as much as you want. This is your retreat, your vacation, and we want you to do what makes you happy and relaxed. If you want to run, we will have others at your pace (we had anywhere from 7min/mile-14min/mile both years, with plenty in-between). Some people do not run at all, some people run every day. We will help you meet others at your pace and give you maps and groups so that you don't get lost. It's really that relaxed!

What else happens besides running?

We will send a detailed itinerary the week before we leave, but you can expect at least one planned group activity per day. This could be a bonfire, a group yoga class, or a group game. All of these are optional (as is everything at retreat). Your meals are included in your cost, and will be timed and available at our meeting space at given meal times. Other than that, there is a lot of free time to enjoy Rehoboth Beach and we will give you suggestions and encourage you to plan fun events with others if you want to.

What's the deal with the swag?

Oh, it's the best. A bag full of goodies - shirts, sweats, hats, bottles, stickers, and more...and it's all a surprise. It's $100 for the entire swag bag, and we spend the entire $100 (at our cost, so it's a ton of stuff). We do not mess around with quality and comfort...we kind of think some people might come to retreat just for the swag....

I have to leave early/arrive late/work part of one day. Is that okay?

Of course, it's your vacation! Just let us know when to expect you so we don't worry about you.

I follow a special diet/have food allergies/have food restrictions. Can you accomodate me?

Probably! But if it's probably best to reach out if you think it might be something we would need to plan extra for and ask.

Take a Look

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A look back to fun had in previous years...

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